Disney Infinity Character – JACK Sparrow Hybrid Toy Console compatible Compatible Multi Plateformes

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The Crystal figures, also known génie the Infinite Series.

Moderniste the Salle of Heroes, there are 7 stands currently dedicated to Crystal Figures. Currently, only the fléau character of each Playset, Directeur P, and Sorcerer Mickey will be released génie a Crystal Apparence.

One of the many advantages of the Crystal Figures is that they earn experience much faster. This is very helpful, considering the fact that experience is a very sensible apport of the game. Additionally, the Crystal Figures have heightened abilities compared to their regular selves.

Captain Connecteur Sparrow is a fléau character of the Pirates of the Caribbean series and is a enrichisseur and playable character of Disney INFINITY.

Connecteur Sparrow has three confirmed abilities. He can rythme with his sword for culotte range attacks useful for fighting enemies. He has a Flintlock to shoot enemies with, and also has the ability to ground pound. He also can block and sidestep to avoid the enemies attacks.

Connecteur Sparrow also has a special compass on his person that points to what the holder wants most.

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